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The zoology department of this college was established in 1971 along with opening of science faculty. Mr. N.D. Mendule took over the charge as Head of the Department. In 1971-1972 there are more than 30 student’s opting zoology in Pre university Classes. At that time Mr. N.D. Mendule & Mr. M.G. Radke was the pioneer of that time. Under his guidance department run in wellreputed manner.
Mrs. U.S.Khadse was appointed as lecturer in the Department in 1991. At that time she did M.Phil. from Amravati University.
After retirement of Mr.N.D.Mendule, Mr. M.G.Radke took charge of HOD in Under the headship of Mr. M.G. Radke there was 2 regular faculty in this Department.
In 2003-2004 Dr. S.R. Kondulkar & Dr. G.A. Wagh were appointed as contract base lecture in this department’s
After the retirement of Mr. M.G. Radke Dr. G.A. Wagh took charge HOD in this department in 2003.
In 2003-2004 therewas two contact base lecture & 5 contributory lecture.
In 2005 Dr. G.A. Wagh appointed as full time lecture selected by society. In 2006 Dr. Kondular wasappointed as full time lecture selected by society. In 2006 shri education Society has transferred Dr. G.A. Wagh from this college to shri shivaji science college Amravati. In 2006 Dr. S.R. Kondulkar being worked as H.O.D. of this Department
In 2006 Dr. N.B. Bhusari appointed as principal of this college being a part zoology Department.
In 2006 Mr. V.V. Sone appointed as contract base lecturer. In 2007 Dr. H.P. Nagpure appointed as full time lecturer in this Department.
In 2009 Dr. H.P. Nagpure was appointed as lecturer in department of Zoology, snat Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati.
At present Dr. S.R. Kondular (HOD), Dr. A.K. Solanke are working as the faculty member
Mrs. Rana (Khadse) still on roll as full time,Dr. H.P. Nagpure (Lean vacancy)
Mrs. RanaAnd Nagpure Replacing by 5 C.H.B. in this Department.
Miss. Sarode, Junior college teacher working in Zoology Department.
More than 50 students of this department did his post graduation and secured various respected position.
Biomedical Lab technique recently started by the department under career oriented programme.
Zoology lab is mentioned quite will lab by lab Assi. Mr. R.N. Waghmare with attendant Mr. Thorat, Mr. Manohare & Mr. Bhise.
Requisite chemical, instrument, equipments and teaching aid are made available for students.
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