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It was on 5th August 1960, Mahatma Fuley Arts and Commerce College came into being. As part of an educational manifesto of Late Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh, the founder president of shri. Shivaki Education Society to bring the illiterate masses into the mainstream and to provide them the means of living a cultured life, this society was established. The college was one of the parts of the chain of educational intuitions
Political Science is being taught in the college right from the establishment of the college. It is being taught as one of the elective subjects at B.A. level in the initial years, the college had the classes of Pre-University but with a new pattern the Maharashtra State Secondary Board introduced in the year 1975, the junior college classes were attached to the College. The first person to be appointed as a lecturer in Political Science was Mr. Bobde. He worked in the College from 1960 to 1965. He resigned in 1965 and Mr. C.G. Ghangrekar was appointed in his place.
In the beginning, there was only one section of B.A. but gradually the number of students increased and at present out of three sections of B.A.I, Political Science is being taught in two of them.
Besides being a competent teacher, Prof. Ghangrekar was a prolific writer. He wrote many books mainly upon the analytical and constitutional aspects of political
Science some of the title book she authored are as given below.
1. Rajkiya siddhant va Rajkiya Vishleshan
2. Bhartiya Rajkiya Vyavastha
3. Tulnatmak Rajkiya  Vyavastha
It was in the year 1996, he retired.
Prof. Dolas assumed the charge as Head of the Dept. of Political Science in the same year 1996. The sincerity of a teacher has yielded fruits in terms of increase in students. At present some 390 students have offered political Science at different levels of B.A.
Ever since the department of political science is making progress, one such significant event in the organization of a National level seminar on the topic- ‘Panchayat Raj and Rural Development ‘sponsored by the U.G.C. Recently, one such path of progress of the dept. percolated through a lecture by shri. B.N. Raut, deputy General of Police on the competitive exam. The dept. of Political science is conducting various activities in the college like Political science Association, Debate competition, Unit Test etc. Apart from the above outstanding contribution Prof. P.P. Dolas, H.O.D. has submitted Minor Research Project to the U.G.C.
Presently, the number of the students offering Political Science is tremendously increasing (476) day by day. And two contributory teachers have been appointed in the dept. to teach the subject.
A chronological list of the H.O.D. is given below

Sr. No.





Mr. Bobde




Prof. C.G. Ghangrekar




Prof. P.P. Dolas


1996 onwards

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