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The department of Physical education was established alongwith the establishment of the college in 1960.  The first physical teacher Shri. V.K. Deshmukh took keen interest in developing the department and encouraged the students to take active part in games and sports organized by the university
Dr. S.N. Patil, after taking charge of Principal in 1986, personally looked into the activities of the dept. He was a member of the Board of studies (Physical Education).  He stared sports activities for the staff members also.
Shri V.N. Telmore Joined as Director of physical Education in the college on 13th September 1993. He Has constantly worked hard for the development of Department in every possible field. He inspires and encourage students and staff members to conduct different Game & Sports and other activities in college. In 1994-95 session, under his able guidance the girls team of hand-Ball emerged as Runner in Iter-Colleges tournament in college. It was a prestigious tournament organized by the Department of Physical Education. In the same year shri Rupesh Kumar J. Shrivastav won colour coat for mallkahmb of Amravati University.
The two session of 1988-99, 1999-2000 are also important in the progress of the Dept. of Physical Education. In the year 1998-99 Ku. Seemadevi R. Kalmegh (B.A. III) got selected as one of the meber of Hand-Ball team of Amravati University. She represented Amravati University in the tournament held at ahmedabad (Gujrat). For her effort she got the colour coat in the game for the session 1998.99.
Ku Varsha More (B.A. II) became colour holder in Hand-Ball in 1999-2000. she was also the member of Hand-ball team of Amravati Univarsity and represented the team at Shivaji University kolhapur.
Ku. Vrushali Bijwe (B.Sc. I) added yet another feather in the cap of Department Games & Sports. She became the color holder of Amravati University in the game of Batminton in the year 2005-06.
Irfan Arif Sheik (B.com) of our college represented Amravati University by participating in 200Mtr. Running Athletics Competition organized by chidambharam University in the year 2007-08.
Ku. Sujata G. Jamnik (B.A.I) of our College represented Amravati University by participation in Inter-University, Kolhapur in which she was honored with color and thus became the color holder in Hand-ball by representing Amravati Uniersity at Indore in 2008.09
Shri Roshan P. Chore (B.A. II) become the ‘color Holder’ in inter- University Volley. Ball tournament by representing Amravati University in the games at Indore. In 2008 2009 Shri Dilip R. Kohal (B.A.III) participated in 400 meter Running in inter collegiate competition organized by Amravati University in 2008-09 in which he secured third position.
In collaboration with Maitraya Bahuvddeshiya Mandal, Jurud the department organized a sadbhawan country rally on Sunday 8/2/2009.
In current session 2009-10 Ku. Sujata G. Jamnik was selcted in the Hand Ball Team of SGB Amravati University. she had represented the University team previously at Nagarijuna University Guntur.
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