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In the year 1960 Marathi dept. was started. In the same year Marathi Literature subject was also introduced for the benefit of the students.  The first Principal of the college Yadav Mukund Pathak was a great poet and known name from literary field.  In 2000-01 session Marathi subject was introduced at the post graduate level.  Since then many students have shown their merit and are still shining at the university level. Marathi department has organized many seminars, conferences and other programs for the benefit of the students and the faculties.
Currently the department has 4 full time faculties and every year teachers on clock hour basis are appointed.
List of Heads of the Department (chronological order)
1 Yadav Mukund Pathak
2 Prof. Dinakar Khadakkar
3 Dr. Shyam Sonare
4 Dr. Varsha Chikhale
5 Dr. Panjab Pundkar
Marathi department has always been aware of the challenges and accordingly organized many fruitful programs.  Mentioned below are few seminars and conferences successfully organized by the department
1 “Lokakala Karyashala” (University level-2003)

“Aadivasi Lokajeevan” (National seminar-2007)

3 “Shetkari Tatha Krushi Kshetrasandarbhache Wangmayin Avishkaran” (National Seminar-2007)

“Santanche Sahitya aani Kaarya” (State level seminar-2009)

Marathi department is proud to have a long list of merits in the university exam of Post graduation. We are proud of our following students who with their hard work have shown potential to become successful in life and acquired good rank.
1 Miss. Rekha G. Gawande (1st merit-2003)
2 Miss. Nalini R. Mudgal (1st merit-2004)
3 Miss. Yojana H. Nagdeve (2nd merit-2005)
4 Miss. Deepali D. Chkhale (4th merit-2005
5 Miss. Bharti S. Deoghare (6th merit-2005)
6 Miss. Priyanka W. Thakare (4th merit-2006)
7 Miss. Shubhangi S. Holey (5th merit-2006)
8 Miss. Sarika M. Farkade (6th merit-2006)
9 Miss. Varsha P. Gahukar (8th merit-2006)
10 Miss. Sunita N. Shirbhate (4th merit-2007)
11 Miss. Sangita S. Tongse (5th merit-2007)
12 Miss. Krishnali N. Dhote (6th merit-2007)
13 Miss. Ujwala N. Shende (7th merit-2007)
14 Miss. Varsha G. Manekar (8th merit-2008)
Prominent positions held by the faculties
1 Dr. Panjab Pundkar
  a) member of board of study (Science-language)
2 Dr. Lt. C.D. Pakhare
  a) N.C.C. Program Officer
3 Dr. Milind Bhilpawar
  a) N.S.S. Regional co-ordinator of S.G.B. Amravati  university.
Research activities
All the members of the department are currently engaged in minor research projects. Three of the existing faculties Dr. Pundkar, Dr. Pakhare and Dr. Bhilpawar have finished their Ph.D’s.
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