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Dr. D.V. Atkare, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Principal
Junior College Staff
Science Faculty
S.No. Neme Qualifications Subject Designation
1. Miss. A.N. Sable M.Sc.,B.Ed. Mahematics Jr. College Teacher
2. Shri. S.L. Deoghare M.Sc. B.Ed. Physics Jr. College Teacher
3. Ku. V.O. Bhagwat M.Sc., B.Ed. Physics Jr. College Teacher
4. Shri A. N. Ingole M.Sc., B.Ed. Chemistry Jr. College Teacher
5. Ku. M.B. Kalbande M.Sc., B.Ed. Chemistry Jr. College Teacher
6. Shri. N.V. Nistane M.Sc., B.Ed. Chemistry Jr. College Teacher
7. Shri. P.S. Patil M.Sc., B.Ed. Botony Jr. College Teacher
8. Ku. A.R. Deshmukh M.Sc.,B.Ed.   Jr. College Teacher
Arts Faculty
1. Shri. Y.N. Rathod M.A., B.Ed. English Jr. College Teacher
2.  A.M. Gawande M.A., B.Ed. English Junior college teacher
3. Mrs. M.H. Ande M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. Marathi Jr. College Teacher
4. Shri. K.B. Kotambkar M.A., B.Ed. Economics Jr. College Teacher
5. Ms. S.J.Ghorpade M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed Philosophy        Jr. College Teacher
6. Mrs. R.B. Bhadange M.sc. B.Ed. Home Eco. Jr. College Teacher
7. Shri N.D. Thakre M.A., M.P. Ed. Physical Edu. PTI
Commerce Faculty
1. Shri. A.S. Wankhade M.Com., B.Ed.   Jr. College Teacher
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