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The Department of English stared functioning since the establishment of the institution in 1961. In had only one class in the Arts faculty, so maturely it was a one man department. Miss Bohariwala was the foundation stone of the department and had shouldered the responsibilities successfully.
Affter Miss Bohariwala left the college, Mr. Murthy and Mr. P.V.K. Shashti joined the college. Mr. Shastri in particular devoted himself for the department’s progress.
In the year 1986 English Literature was introduced arson of the options taken now the subject is one of the main attractions for the students, as it provides them a chance to build a strong career.
Functional English
In 196-97, with financial support from UGC, vocation course in Functional English was introduced. It opened up whole new avenues for the students. This subject was introduced with the view that it would provide the students newer opportunities through learning the functioning of English language.
Post Graduation in English
In 1998-99 session the English Department achieved another milestone. In this session the post Graduation (M.A.) in English was stared. Since them the regular faculties with positive inputs from contributory teachers the department is functioning smoothly.
Presently the English Department is one of the biggest Departments. The department
consists of four regular faculties along with five C.H.B. teachers.
Mission and Objectives
The English Department function with the mission of imparting deep knowledge of English to me students. We know that the college belong to the rural area and the students lack proper knowledge of English. So realizing the responsibility every faculty work in such a way where the students should become able to cope up with the competitive world here English is must to build career.
To make the students learn English with due care which will enable them to face the challenges ahead is our motto.
Faculty In provident
Apart from teaching the students, all the members from the departments are aware of the fact that  is needed to improve and upgrade the information. So they engage themselves in academic and professional development. The faculties participate and present research papers in National, Regional and state level conferences & seminars, on regular basis. Mr A.B. Kukade is working on his research in indo-Anglican Literature. Apart from this all faculties are working on M.R.P.’s.  
Sr. No. Name From To Tenure
1. Miss. Bohariwal 1961 1963 3Yrs.
2. Mr. Murthy 1963 1965 2Yrs.
3. Mr. P.V.S. Shastri 1965 1989 21Yrs.
4 Mr. M.A. Ali 1989 2007 18Yrs
5. Mr. S.D. Ohale 2007    
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