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From the early eighties rate of new experiment in the field of Electronics enhanced. To keep ourselves abreast of the developing word. Our College opened this new discipline of Electronics in the year sept. 1985, fifteen students were enrolled. Our college made this venture from the academic session 1985-1986
Requisite chemical, instrument, equipments and teaching aid are made available for students.
1 Head of the Department

Mr. K.V. Pawar – 1986 on word.

2 Departmental Highlights   
a seminar / conferences organized
    The Department has organized U.G.C. sponsored seminar completion for U.G. Students on “calculus and micro controller” in collaboration with SGB Amravati. University Electronics Teachers Association on Saturday 19th Dec 2009. Total 70 Students were participated in seminar completion. Ku. G.P. Kene B.Sc. III students stood 3rd prize in same.
The Department has submitted the perusal for financial for financial assistance to U.G.C. for state level seminar on “Recent Trends in Electronics on dated 14th march 2009 and U.G.C. sanction the fund of 70,000/- for same.
b Topperrs of the Department (last Year)
i Ku. P.K. Takarkhede 84.66%
ii Ku. R.A. Khandelwal


iii Ku. S.N. Vaidya 78.00%
iv Shri. P.A. Ganorkar


4. membership / participation in bodies / committees in Education / University.
i Mr. K.V. Pawar is the meber of B.O.S. and member of faculty of science of S.G.B. and member of faculty of science at S.G.B. Amravati University, Amravati. Since 2007.
ii Mr. K.V. Pawar is “head of faculty of Science”.
iii Mr. K.V. Pawar is “Executive member of mahatma Fuley Arts, Commerce S.C. Science” S.C. Science Mahavidlaya Karmchari path shantha, Warud Reg.No. 550.
iv Mr. K.V. Pawar and Mr. R.R. Zoting is founder member of Tree (Team to Restore Entire Environment” ) since Jan. 2003.
v Mr. R.R. Zoting (Associate Professor ) was programmed officer of N.S.S. (from 2007 to 2009 )
5. Research Activities
  The department has submitted the proposal for financial assistance to U.G.C. for MRP on to pic “Thermodynamically Investigation on the physical properties of aqueous solution of Electrolytes and Non electrolytes on dated 25/09/2009.

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